The roots of the Northampton Fire Department were planted in 1890, when our first fire company, The Siegfried Fire Company, was organized. With its demise, citizens launched an effort, culminating in the organization of three fire companies to serve the community.

The Alliance Fire Company was formed by 20 charter members in 1904 at Sheiry's Hall. They purchased their first motor driven truck—a webb pumper—in 1914, which remained in service until 1938. Alliance served the third ward.

The Northampton Fire Company was organized in 1909, with 49 charter members serving Northampton's first ward. In the same year, the Central Fire Company was formed and located in the second ward.

Our first fire chief, W.W. Hunt, resided across from the Alliance Fire Company. He set a high standard of dedication, which has been maintained by our fire company to the present day.

The year 1996 was monumental in the history of our fire department. Our three neighborhood companies merged into one central unit. Fire Station #42 was born in a new facility on Lerchenmiller Drive. The station is garrisoned by well trained men and women.

-Ed Pany
Retired Teacher
and Local History Buff